Meet the Architect - Justin Long

Brian Jones photography

Brian Jones photography

A natural born creative hailing from Philadelphia, PA, Justin’s imagination was fed early in life through music and art. As a teenager, his love for music became an outlet where he expressed himself vocally and instrumentally through classical training on Clarinet.

During his high school years, he discovered his love for beauty and cosmetics, quickly identifying his own style and unique approach to every face he touched. By dolling up his mother, younger sister, best friend and anyone else willing to let him create, Justin quickly progressed as an artist.

Carrying his newfound passion to college (University of North Carolina at Greensboro), he began educating himself, learning and perfecting the basics of makeup. Soon, his skill set and dedication to the craft would begin to pay off and he started doing makeup for University fashion shows and special events throughout the city. Greensboro is also where he began working for one of the world’s leading makeup authorities, MAC Cosmetics. Justin's time with the brand has developed his touch and honed his skill to showcase filter-free beauty. With over a decade of experience, he has thrived in the Beauty and Bridal makeup world, building and sculpting moments of glam that capture the true essence of his canvas.

“I believe there’s beauty in everything under the sun, bringing it out and building confidence for my client is always my goal.” – FaceArchitect